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Several presses and functions to be used in electronic stamping parts

Stamping machining commonly used crank press what kind? What is the use of each?

There are many kinds of crank presses, according to the structure and use of different can be divided into the following categories:

One, Chichong bed

1) General Punch General Punch is commonly used in stamping processing equipment, they are widely used in punching twists and turns, shallow drawing and molding and other processes. If equipped with active incoming and outgoing material organization or installed special mold can also achieve active production or completion of specific processes, such as precision punching or cold kneading according to the size of nominal pressure, general punch can be roughly divided into large, medium and small types. Nominal pressure under 100 tons for small punch, 100 tons to 300 tons between the medium punch, more than 300 tons for the large punch. According to the different structure of the bed, the general punching machine can be divided into open and closed two kinds. Open Punch can be divided into two kinds of single column and double column type. According to whether the bed can be tilted can be divided into tilting type and non-tilting type. According to the can activity of the workbench is divided into fixed fit and Active Desktop according to the crank way, the general punch can be divided into eccentric punch, crankshaft punch and eccentric gear type punch three kinds. According to the different number of connecting rods, the general punch can be divided into single point, double Point and four point punch three kinds.

2) Dedicated Punch

All kinds of special punch is the first to end a certain production process, and on the basis of the general punch made some corresponding changes, or attach some auxiliary organization and membership device. According to the different processing technology, the special punch has:

① punching punch This type of punch is suitable for yura deep process, according to the transmission system placement of different azimuth, divided into upper drive and lower drive. According to the number of sliding blocks are divided into two ways of double motion and three moves ② fine rush bed is suitable for punching precision stamping parts.

⑧ Precision Press is suitable for imprint, school and volume precision pressure and other processes.

④ Metal kneading machine is suitable for metal kneading (cold kneading and warm kneading) and stereoscopic molding process.

⑤ Cold upsetting machine is suitable for the upsetting pressure of metal such as standard parts bolts, nuts cold upsetting and so on.

3) Active Punch

① Multi-Station active punch is suitable for multi-station continuous active stamping production.

② High-speed punch This type of Punch slider is a high number of trips per minute, it usually comes with active inlet and discharge organization, suitable for high-volume production.

③ CNC Return conversion die press a CNC single-machine active equipment. It can choose its own die, to stamping different shapes and different scales of holes, high production efficiency, short preparation period, suitable for small batches, a variety of classes of production.

④ zigzag machine to wire or strip punching, shearing and winding into a messy shape stamping parts of the active press.

Second, the Shearing machine

1) Shearing machine is suitable for sheet cutting, there are two kinds of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission.

2) oscillating punching machine above the shear frequent oscillation of the sheet for straight line or curve shear, mostly used in a single small batch of material 3) combined punching shearing machine for sheet cutting, incision and punching operations.

4) Profile Cutting machine is specially used to cut the profile.

Third, sheet bending machine

Used for twists and turns of wide sheet material.

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