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If you want to know what carrier frequency is, focus on our metal parts manufacturers.

Filter shell Manufacturers let you know what carrier frequency is.

For example, it takes a long time for a person (signal source) to be sent from one place to another, and a person can be very tired (signal attenuation).

  Filter housingManufacturers let you know what carrier frequency is! A carrier is a waveform that is modulated to transmit a signal, generally a sine wave. Generally require the frequency of the sinusoidal carrier is much higher than the bandwidth of the modulation signal, otherwise the aliasing will occur, so that the transmission signal distortion.

Signal source signals can not be transmitted very far, so add carriers.


Where is the technical essence of the NANPI filter housing?

We all know. The filter adopts the new IGBT high frequency switch device, the main circuit topology is three-phase bridge full-control PWM converter, which has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency and high reliability, and the advanced multiplex technology realizes the expansion of the whole machine capacity. Is it the only advantage of it? Now let the NANPI filter shell manufacturers take you to understand the technical essence of the filter!

Real time limit medulla, dynamic compensation

The filter uses harmonic current detection technology based on instantaneous reactive power theory to detect harmonic current in real time. Through instantaneous current tracking control, the dynamic compensation of harmonic current is realized, and the harmonic change of power network is automatically tracked, which has high controllability and fast response.

• Flexible Compensation methods

Filter one machine multi-energy, not only can control harmonics, but also can compensate for reactive power, improve power factor. It can be compensated independently for a single harmonic source or centrally for multiple harmonic sources. The regulation of specified harmonics can also be achieved when the harmonic is governed. Can be used as a harmonic source.

· DSP Intelligent Monitoring

DSP high-speed detection and operation, to ensure that harmonic detection and compensation control accurate and effective, both intelligent monitoring function, device drying control flexible, operating parameters, working state at a glance, automatic fault diagnosis, with remote communication interface, can be monitored in real time through the PC.


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