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Filter shell manufacturers explain to you the background and application of the filter

Filter shell manufacturers explain the background of the filter

Many electronic devices themselves, while completing their functions, also produce a variety of EMI signals, as well as artificial and natural EMI signals. These EMI signals, through conduction and radiation, affect the electronic devices that operate in the environment.

  Filter housingManufacturers to explain to you the background of the filter! Power supply EMI Filter is a kind of filter, it is a low-pass filter. It can help electromagnetic equipment and systems meet the relevant electromagnetic compatibility standards, the DC, 50Hz or 400Hz power supply power is not attenuated to the device, greatly attenuation the EMI signal passed through the power supply, protect the device from harm, but also can effectively control the device itself generated EMI signal, prevent it from entering the grid, Pollute the electromagnetic environment and harm other equipment.

A study by IBM (US) shows that a common computer device suffers more than 120 power interference each month, and that power problems are the root cause of data loss and failure in more than 45% of computer devices in the United States. Among them, pulse interference accounts for 39.5%, oscillation transient accounted for 49%, these two items together accounted for 88.5%, is the main component of power supply interference. Load switching, power grid switching, or other faults in the power grid can cause pulse noise in the transient process of the power grid, which is often referred to as transient noise, and its waveform is a series of single pulses or pulse beams.

Filters are used in a wide range of applications, and more in all electronic components. A filter is a device used to eliminate interference noise by filtering the input or output to obtain a pure direct current. A circuit that effectively filters out a frequency point at a particular frequency or a frequency other than that frequency point is a filter whose function is to obtain a specific frequency or eliminate a specific frequency.

There are many kinds of filters, according to the landlord's theory, the filter into analog filter and discrete filter should be classified according to the type of processing signal. The analog filter can be divided into three categories of active, passive and heterogeneous.

The above is the Nampiande filter shell manufacturer for you to bring the power EMI filter to produce the background.

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