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Hardware manufacturers bring power supply EMI filter Selection four key points

Filter shell manufacturers bring power supply EMI filter Selection four key points

In general, when installing an EMI filter in an electronic device or system, it is important to note that when strapping a device cable, you must not tie the filter (power) end and the (load) end of the wires together, as this undoubtedly exacerbates the electromagnetic coupling between the input and output ends of the filter. It seriously destroys the ability of filter and device shielding to suppress EMI signals. However, the filter in the selection process can not be ignored, do you know the power supply EMI filter selection of the four main points?

Key points of power supply EMI Filter Selection:

One: Impedance collocation

The reason for selecting the filter circuit is different from the traditional concept that the filter should work under the matching condition, the so-called matching meaning filter needs to do the expected processing or transformation of some of the spectrum without changing the amplitude of the input/output signal (or a fixed proportion), while the EMI power filter is different, It is a low-pass filter based on power frequency, which works under mismatched conditions because it cannot be matched in practical applications, such as filter input impedance ri--power grid source impedance is changing with the size of electricity consumption, impedance RL (load impedance) at the output end of the filter The power impedance changes with the size of the power supply load, and to achieve the desired inhibition effect, the correct impedance collocation should be followed.

II: Rated Voltage

The rated voltage is the operating voltage used by the Power EMI filter at the specified power frequency, and is also the high allowable voltage value of the filter.

III: Rated current

The rated current is a large continuous operating current allowed at the rated voltage and the specified ambient temperature.

IV: Insertion loss

Insertion loss is one of the important technical parameters of power supply EMI filter, which realizes the highest possible insertion loss under the premise that the filter safety, environment, machinery and reliability can meet the relevant standard requirements.

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