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Professional manufacturer of metal housings understand your choice needs

Module Power Housing lets you understand the needs of your customers to choose their products

Our company as a professional module power shell manufacturers let you understand the needs of customers to choose products! Dimensions according to the space of the equipment to choose the power supply, the right good. Many times we ask for the smaller the better, but the size is small, the price is high, so do not blindly pursue small volume. Determine the ambient temperature used by the power supply and select the appropriate power module. Module power supply manufacturers generally give the temperature is the Power module shell temperature, such as -25-+85 degree, then 85 degrees indicates that the power supply housing temperature can reach 85 degrees, if more than 85 degrees, the power supply may enter the protection state or damage. In the choice of power supply must consider their own ambient temperature and power efficiency, high temperature rise is low, and vice efficiency of low temperature rise is high.

Mounting mode module power supply has two forms of encapsulation, one is needle type, one is terminal type. Needle type can be directly welded on the PCB printed circuit board, select this power supply should try to choose the standard products (that is, each manufacturer's needle way is the same, easy to replace the manufacturer), this form of power supply if the need for heat dissipation, can be equipped with radiators (general manufacturers have ancillary products). The terminal type is to connect the power supply output and the electrical equipment with the terminal, the power supply can be fixed directly on the housing of the equipment, and with the help of the shell heat dissipation.

Voltage accuracy the so-called voltage accuracy is voltage stability. General manufacturers give the voltage accuracy of about 1%, is to represent the situation of single output, if there are two or three outputs, only indicates the voltage accuracy of the main road, the secondary voltage accuracy is low, our company produces multi-channel product secondary road voltage accuracy is generally 3% range. If the multi-channel output voltage, each voltage accuracy is required to be relatively high, that can not choose such a power supply, but the need to choose each independent voltage regulator of the power supply, the voltage accuracy of each road is relatively high, it is equivalent to a plurality of power supply on a board.

According to your needs, we can do a quick customization of customersElectronic hardware Parts, you can also let us provide you with professional design.

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