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Comprehensive analysis of filters from stamping parts manufacturers

FromStamping parts ManufacturersComprehensive analysis of filter---Filtering principle of passive filter you know what?

When the signal source impedance and load impedance are equal, large signal power transmission can be obtained. Conversely, if the source impedance and load impedance of the jamming signal are not equal and make the difference as large as possible, then the jamming signal is difficult to transmit, which is often said filter impedance mismatch selection principle.

The filter has two ports, in order to make the two ends of the impedance mismatch, it is necessary to combine different circuits. Inductors are relatively high impedance, capacitors are relatively low impedance, different front and rear combinations formed a different input output impedance, forming a series of different filters to meet the application requirements.

What is the sensitivity of the NANPI filter?

The filter circuit is composed of many components, and the change of the parameter value of each component will affect the performance of the filter. The sensitivity of a performance indicator y of a filter to the X variation of a component parameter is recorded as SXY, defined as: sxy= (dy/y)/(dx/x).

The sensitivity is not a concept with the sensitivity of the measuring instrument or circuit system, and the smaller the sensitivity, the stronger the fault tolerance of the circuit and the higher the stability.

Filter shell manufacturers to bring you filter performance indicators!

Feature frequency:

1, the band Cutoff frequency fp=wp/(2p) is the band and the transition zone boundary point frequency, at the point of the signal gain down to a artificially specified lower limit;

2, the band cutoff frequency fr=wr/(2p) is the frequency of the band and the boundary point of the transition zone, and the signal decay of the point drops to a man-specified lower limit;

3, Transition frequency fc=wc/(2p) is the signal power attenuation to 1/2 (about 3dB) frequency, in many cases, FC is often used as a pass or band cutoff frequency;

4, the natural frequency f0=w0/(2p) for the circuit without loss, the resonant frequency of the filter, complex circuits often have multiple natural frequencies.


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