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Three-dimensional processing of audio media in filter housing

Three-dimensional processing of audio media in filter housing

We all know that the basic theory of the location of human perception of sound sources is the duplex theory, which is based on two factors: the time difference between the arrival of the sound between the two ears and the poor intensity of the sound between the two ears. The time difference is due to the distance of the cause, when the sound from the front, the distance is equal, so there is no difference, but if the right three degrees to reach the wrong ear will be about 30 microseconds less than the left ear, and it is these 30 microseconds, so that we identify the location of the sound source. The intensity difference is caused by the attenuation of the signal, the attenuation of the signal is naturally produced because of the distance, or because the human head occlusion, so that the sound attenuation, resulting in a difference in intensity, so that the ear near the side of the sound source to hear the sound intensity is greater than the other ear.

       Filter housingIn audio media based on duplex theory, in the same way, as long as a common dual-channel audio between two channels to mix each other, you can make ordinary dual-channel sound sounds to have a three-dimensional sound field effect. This involves the following two concepts about the sound field: the width and depth of the sound field.

Filter housing is located in the three-dimensional processing of audio media! For a long time, computer researchers have underestimated the role of sound in the information processing of humans. As virtual technology continues to evolve, people no longer satisfy the sound of the monotonous plane, but also rush to the three-dimensional sound effect with a sense of space. The auditory channel can work with the visual channel at the same time, so the three-dimensional processing of sound can not only express the spatial information of sound, but also combine with the multi-channel of visual information to create a very realistic virtual space, which is very important in the future multimedia system. It is also an important measure in the handling of the media.


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