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Stamping hardware Manufacturers ask you about two-dimensional digital filters

NANPI Filter Installation connection operation process!

1, on the bolt terminal filter, the user in the wiring must use wrench 1 to secure the root nut, with the wrench 2 to tighten the bolt end of the head nut, so as not to cause the bolt rotation caused by the change of the internal line, resulting in the filter fire, short circuit, breakdown and filtering effect of the decline.

2, the solder chip terminal filter, can be used plug-in connection or welding method linked line. When welding is used, the time of welding should not exceed 5 seconds.

Also note that when handling the filter, please carry the shell or mounting edge, do not take the filter output terminal as the support point, so as to avoid the terminal distortion, loosening, breaking and affect the normal filtering effect of the filter.

NanpiFilter housingFactory for you to introduce a two-dimensional digital filter in detail! Two-dimensional digital filter to the unit impulse response is also divided into limited impulse response and infinite impulse response. The two-dimensional finite impulse response digital filter is a non-recursive algorithm structure, so it is also known as a two-dimensional non-recursive digital filter. The two-dimensional infinite impulse response digital filter is a recursive algorithm structure, so it is also called a two-dimensional recursive digital filter.

The digital filter can be divided into one-dimensional, two-dimensional or multidimensional digital filter according to the dimension of the signal being processed, and the signal processed by the two-dimensional or multidimensional digital filter is two or more variable function sequences.

An algorithm or device for handling two-dimensional digital signal sequences. The relationship between the output Y (m,n) and the input x (m,n) of a linear, time-invariant two-dimensional digital filter is described by the linear constant coefficient difference equation of two variables.

The corresponding transfer function is in Figure 5, a B is the filter coefficient, z "y (m,n)" and Z "x (m,n)" are the two-dimensional Z transformations of the output and input signal sequences, respectively. The two-dimensional Z-Inverse transform H (m,n) =Z-1 "H (z1,z2" of the transfer function H (Z1,Z2) is called the unit impulse response of the two-dimensional digital filter. The output y (m,n) of a two-dimensional digital filter can also be expressed as a two-dimensional discrete convolution of the input signal sequence X (m,n) and the unit Impulse response H (m,n).


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