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The difference and principle of power filter and signal filter shell

Do you understand how power cord filters work?

Do you really understand how power cord filters work? The Power cord filter is composed of a low-pass filter circuit consisting of inductance and capacitance, which allows DC or 50Hz current to pass through, and has a large attenuation to the higher frequency interference signal. Because the jamming signal has two kinds of differential mode and common mode, the power filter should have attenuation effect on both kinds of interference.

The ground line is generally a metal chassis, when the equipment chassis is not a metal material, the ground line of the Satons filter is generally connected with the safe; however, due to the high impedance of the safe, the attenuation effect of the filter on the common-mode interference will be greatly reduced.


The difference between a signal filter and a power filter

The difference between a signal filter and a power filter! The signal filter is used to filter out useful signals from the input signal to filter out unwanted signals and noise disturbances. The principle is to use the amplitude and frequency characteristics of the circuit, the range of its band is set to the range of useful signals, and other spectrum components are filtered out.

And the power filter is used to stabilize the output voltage of the power supply, basically can be understood as obstructing communication, guide DC. In the case of AC power, the band is a single frequency. To sum up: the difference between the two is: the signal filter is used to filter the signal, its bandpass is a certain frequency range, and the power filter is used to filter out the AC components, so that the DC through, so as to maintain the output voltage stability, AC power is only allowed a certain frequency through.

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