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Wave Filter Shell Price
Wave Filter Shell Price

Wave Filter HousingBy using the above technical scheme, a bulge and a second bulge on the outer wall of the bottom box are arranged to make the side wall of the bottom box into a ladder shape, and a ladder arranged on the inner wall of the upper cover can be matched with a bulge arranged on the bottom box. When used, the upper cover is pressed downward, which is a ladder with a bulge after the and the third bulge and the third groove complement each other can play the role of limiting position, set in the third Groove and the third bulge on the magnetic opposite of a magnet and the second magnet can cooperate with each other, under the action of magnetic adsorption to avoid the upper cover and bottom box off; The airbag is punctured when a cockroach or other worm passes through a gap after the upper cover and bottom box are buckled. Because the ends of the airbag are glued to the filter upper cover and the Filter bottom box respectively, the insect cannot pass between the upper cover and the bottom box, and if the air bag must be punctured and the ammonia set in the airbag is released outward, the ammonia gas has a strong odor, It can have the effect of deworming, and secondly, with the spread of ammonia will wrap the insect, isolating the insect from the oxygen in the air, so that the insect asphyxiation death, in addition, the surrounding staff can also smell the smell of ammonia to check for manual cleaning.

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