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Wave Filter Housing
Wave Filter Housing

Wave Filter Housing

Filter is a filter circuit composed of capacitance, inductance and resistance. The filter can effectively filter out the frequency point at a specific frequency in the line or the frequency outside the frequency point, get a special frequency power signal or eliminate the power supply signal after a specific frequency.

A filter shell buckle structure disclosed by a Chinese patent with a bulletin number of "CN205566239U", which includes a set ofFilter housingThe card and structure between the upper cover and the bottom box, a card slot is arranged on the bottom box, a card is arranged on the upper cover, and the upper shell and the bottom box can be tightly fixed through the fit between the slot and the card, but if the number of buckles between the upper shell and the bottom box is high, the card is easy to break, The electronic components inside the filter generate heat to attract insects such as cockroach, such as the nearby hot flashes, which, once inside the filter, may short-circuit the electronic components set inside the filter and may affect the normal operation inside the filter.

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