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Stretch parts Manufacturers
Stretch parts Manufacturers

Aluminum alloy Tensile Parts manufacturers custom-made processing tensile parts, metal tensile parts,Stretch Parts, please contact us for the production process. Products are widely used in: electronics, electrical appliances, toys, remote control, instrumentation instruments, battery boxes, remote control, calculators, pedometer, recording clocks, telephones, mobile phones, radios, lighting, medical equipment, military equipment, digital cameras, models and other industries, users all over the world. NANPI County Hardware Manufacturing supply magnesium alloy stamping parts copper alloy tensile parts open mold customization.

The surface of the stretch piece has no pressure castings for those defects. The shape of the tensile parts should be simple and symmetrical, the mouth should allow a slight rebound, and the side wall should allow the process slope. The wall thickness of the cylinder wall part generally has the phenomenon of upper thick and thin.

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