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Preliminary understanding of the performance of the filter housing

Digital Filter Performance

     Sensor shell ManufacturersIntroduce you to the performance of digital filters! The digital filter works in a completely different way from the analog filter: the latter is a physical network composed entirely of resistors, capacitors, transistors and other electronic components to achieve the filtering function, while the former is through the digital computing device to the input of digital signal computing and processing, Thus, the characteristics of the design requirements are realized. Digital filter is a discrete time system that filters digital signals to obtain the desired response characteristics. As an electronic filter, the digital filter is different from the analog filter that works completely in the analog signal domain. The digital filter works in the digital signal domain, and the object it processes is the digital signal obtained by converting the analog signal through the sampling device.

Get a preliminary understanding of the filter!

The NANPI filter housing takes you through the filter! An ideal low-pass filter can completely remove all frequency signals above the cutoff frequency and signals below the cutoff frequency can pass unaffected. The actual conversion area no longer exists. An ideal low-pass filter can be obtained by multiplying the signal by the rectangular function in the frequency domain in a mathematical way (theoretically), as a method with the same effect, and can also be convolution in the time domain and the sinc function.

However, such a filter is not achievable for the actual real signal because the sinc function is a function that extends to infinity (extends to infinity), so such a filter needs to predict the future in order to perform convolution and needs to have all the data of the past. This is achievable for pre-recorded digital signals (up to 0 at the back of the signal and making the resulting filtered error less than the quantization error) or the infinite cycle signal.


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