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Stamping parts Manufacturers let you know the conditions for the production of harmonics

Filter shell Manufacturers let you know the conditions for the production of harmonics!

How is harmonics generally produced? Home appliances. Television sets, video recorders, computers, dimming lamps, temperature-regulating cookers, etc., because of the pressure-regulating rectifier device, will produce a deeper odd harmonic. In washing machines, electric fans, air conditioners and other winding equipment, due to the change of unbalanced current can also make the waveform change. Although the power of these household appliances is small, but the number is huge, it is also one of the main sources of harmonics.

The transmission and distribution system produces harmonics:

In the transmission and distribution system, it is mainly the power transformer that produces harmonics, because of the saturation of the core of the transformer, the nonlinearity of the magnetization curve, and the economic consideration when designing the transformer, its size is related to the structure form of the magnetic circuit and the saturation degree of the core.

Harmonics generated by electrical equipment:

Thyristor rectifier equipment. We know that the thyristor rectifier uses phase shift control, from the power grid to absorb the missing angle of the sine wave, so that the power grid left is another part of the lack of angle of the sine wave, so that the grid left is another part of the lack of angle of the sine wave, apparently in the left part contains a large number of harmonics.

The low quality of the power source will produce harmonics:

Generator because three-phase winding in the production is difficult to achieve absolute symmetry, iron core is also difficult to achieve absolute uniformity and some other reasons, the power supply more or less will produce some harmonics, but generally few.

Filter shell manufacturers take you to understand the response of the filter

The function of the filter is to make the signal of the target frequency pass, which is the frequency selection circuit for the handsome selection of the signal. In some applications, the important factor is the speed at which the filter truncates unnecessary signals. If you can accept that the band has some ripple, you can get a faster attenuation than the Butterworth filter. Appendix A contains tables for the design of up to 8 orders of parameters required for Butterworth, Bessel, and Chebe in response filters. Of these, two tables are used to cut the chevron response: one for the 0.1dB Chase band Ripple and the other for 1dB Chase band Ripple. In addition to changing the amplitude of the input signal that depends on the frequency, the filter also introduces a delay to it. Delay causes non-sinusoidal signal distortion based on frequency phase shift. Just like the Butterworth response. The smoothness of the band is the same as the flatness of the amplitude, and the Bezier response makes the phase nonlinearity of the pass.

The above isStamping parts ManufacturersThe relevant knowledge brought in, I hope to help you.


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