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Discussion on the development course of filter shell

Filter housing tells you about its development!

The wide use of filters in China was a matter of the late 50, when it was mainly used for channel filtering and channel filtering. After half a century of development, China's filters in the development, production and application has been integrated into the pace of international development, but due to the lack of specialized research and development institutions, integrated technology and materials industry could not keep up, so that the development and application of many new filters in China and international development is some distance.

In the 1917, American and German scientists invented LC filters, the following year leading to the emergence of the United States first multiplexing system. Passive filters are maturing in the the 1950s. Since the 60, due to the development of computer technology, integrated technology and materials industry, the filter has developed a new level, and towards low power consumption, high precision, small volume, multi-function, stable and reliable and cheap direction of efforts, including small volume, multi-function, high precision, stable and reliable to become the main direction after the 70 's. The rapid development of various filters, such as RC active filter, digital filter, switching capacitance filter and charge transfer device, has been developed and applied to the early 70, the single chip integration of these filters. In the 80 's, we are committed to the research of various new filters, and strive to improve performance and gradually expand the scope of application. From the 90 to the present, we are mainly committed to the various types of filters used in the development and development of various types of products.

Filter housingCan I use it to eliminate interference information? Of course it's impossible, but the filter is a device used to eliminate interference noise, filtering the input or output to get pure direct current. A circuit that effectively filters out a frequency point at a particular frequency or a frequency other than that frequency point is a filter whose function is to obtain a specific frequency or eliminate a specific frequency. A linear filter with a large ratio of the instantaneous power of the signal to the average power of the noise at the output end of the filter. The transfer function form of the filter is the conjugate of the signal spectrum.



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