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Structure and performance order of filter housing

Do you know the order of the filter?

Do you know the order of the filter?

The order of the filter refers to the number of times to filter harmonics, generally speaking, the same filter, the higher the order, the better the filtering effect, but, the higher the order, the higher the cost, therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate order number.

    Filter housingManufacturers for you to explain the performance of the reactor, the reactor is also called inductor, a conductor when electrified will be occupied in a certain space range to produce a magnetic field, so all the conductive bodies that can carry the flow have a general sense of sensibility.

Simply put, something that can act as an impedance in a circuit is called an reactor. It is essentially a hollow coil of a non-conductive magnetic material. It can be arranged according to the needs of vertical, horizontal and glyph three types of assembly form.

When the reactor is short-circuited in the power system, it will produce a large short-circuit current. If not restricted, it is very difficult to maintain the dynamic stability and thermal stability of electrical equipment. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of some circuit breaker occlusion capacity, often in the outlet Circuit Breaker Series reactor, increase the short-circuit impedance, limit the short-circuit current.

How to understand the filter circuit structure?

Circuit structure form and period of parameter selection is the core of the filter, but it is in this part, the choice of application engineers often two eyes a dark choice, although most of the time can be almost used, but neither confidant nor know the design of the way, waste resources, buried hidden dangers of the possibility of greatly increased. This is anachronistic in terms of the growth expectations of junior engineers to professional engineers in the electronics manufacturing industry that requires lean design, from Chinese manufacturing to China.

The function of the filter is to have different amplification effect on the different frequencies through it, but not to attenuate the frequency band in the band, and to attenuate the external band to suppress it at a level of dozens of DB, so as to achieve the purpose of the sieve. However, when the filter takes different magnification to the voltage amplitude of different frequencies, the phase of the electromagnetic wave is also changing, because the phase is also related to the frequency, so the selection of the filter structure form, there is still some learning.


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