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Main uses and functions of the Power filter housing

Main use of power filter-filter housing

1. High performance, low temperature rise, low price;

2. The power filter is mainly used for electromagnetic interference of DC power supply line;

3. Can assist the use of DC power supply of various types of electronic equipment to meet VDE and FCC standards;

4. Excellent common-mode and differential mode insertion loss in a wide band (10khz~30mhz) range.

The power filter is suitable for all kinds of DC power cord filtering, and the interference on the power cord is effectively filtered out in the 10khz~50mhz frequency band. There are a variety of connection modes and exterior structures to choose from. At present, widely used in a variety of DC power supply work of electronic equipment, switching power supply, power modules, communications equipment, medical equipment and other mechanical and electrical integration equipment.

There are several ways to respond to filters-filter shell Manufacturers

The function of the filter is to make the signal of the target frequency pass, which is the frequency selection circuit for the handsome selection of the signal.

Chebe Shelley Response:

In some applications, the important factor is the speed at which the filter truncates unnecessary signals. If you can accept that the band has some ripple, you can get a faster attenuation than the Butterworth filter.

Butterworth Response:

The Butterworth response is capable of the bandpass flatness of the Dahua filter. The response is very flat, close to the DC signal, and then slowly attenuated to the cutoff frequency point of -3db, approaching the attenuation rate of the -20ndb/decade, where n is the order of the filter.

Bessel response:

In addition to changing the amplitude of the input signal that depends on the frequency, the filter also introduces a delay to it. Delay causes non-sinusoidal signal distortion based on frequency phase shift. Just like the Butterworth response. The smoothness of the band is the same as the flatness of the amplitude, and the Bezier response makes the phase nonlinearity of the pass.


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