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How to test and apply type of filter housing for pressure resistance

How to test the filter housing for pressure resistance?

To ensure the performance of the power filter as well as equipment and personal safety, pressure resistance testing is required. Pressure-resistant testing is a test under extreme operating conditions. If the compressive performance of the CX capacitor is poor, it may be penetrated when the peak surge voltage occurs. Its breakdown, while not endangering personal safety, can lead to loss of filter functionality or performance degradation. In addition to meeting the requirements of grounding leakage current, CY Capacitors also have sufficient safety allowance in terms of electrical and mechanical properties to avoid penetrating short circuits in extremely harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, the pressure resistance between the lines is of great significance for the protection of personal safety, once the insulation protection measures of equipment or devices fail, may lead to casualties.

Ander hardware brings you the type of sensor application!

Classification of sensor working principle physical sensors are applied to physical effects such as piezoelectric effects, magnetostrictive phenomena, dissociation, polarization, thermoelectric, photoelectric, magnetoelectric and so on. Small variations in the measured semaphore will be converted into electrical signals.

Chemical sensors include those with chemical adsorption, electrochemical reactions and other phenomena as causality of the sensor, the measured signal volume of small changes will also be converted into electrical signals.

Some sensors can neither be divided into physical classes, nor can they be divided into chemical classes. Most sensors operate on the basis of physical principles. There are many technical problems in chemical sensors, such as reliability problems, the possibility of scale production, price problems, etc., to solve such problems, the application of chemical sensors will have a huge increase.

The application areas and working principles of common sensors are listed in Table 1.1.

For their purposes, sensors can be classified as:

Pressure sensitive and force sensitive sensor  position sensor

Liquid surface sensor  energy consumption sensor

Speed Sensor  Thermal sensor

Acceleration sensor  ray radiation sensor

Vibration Sensor  Wet sensor

Magnetic Sensor  Gas sensor

Vacuum sensor  biosensor, etc. The

The advantages of grounding of Ander filter housing do you understand that?

The advantages of grounding of Ander filter housing do you understand that?

Filter housing grounding mainly has the following three characteristics:

1. It's for waterproofing

2. Better grounding

3. Mainly prevent customers from unpacking to see.



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