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What are the requirements of the filter housing above the surface treatment?

What are the requirements for surface treatment of the filter housing?

China's iron and steel anti-rust process development is still in the primary stage, people's awareness of anti-rust or anti-rust methods lack of understanding, the use of anti-rust technology and products are still some traditional concepts. With the rapid development of industrial technology in China, the problem of anti-rust has gradually become the theme of concern, Phosphating products, passivation products, blackening products, water-based anti-rust agent, dewatering anti-rust oil, hard film antirust agent and cutting anti-rust liquid and other products. Scope of application: applicable to machining, grinding, heat treatment, electrolytic processing, hair black orchid treatment and water-based cleaning of a variety of metals or equipment after cleaning dehydration and rust prevention, process rust prevention, process anti-rust and long-term storage of anti-rust. Filter shell surface anti-rust treatment method: usually divided into process anti-rust, process anti-rust and anti-rust three methods and requirements.  The anti-rust treatment between processes generally uses water-based anti-rust, dehydration and anti-rust methods, anti-rust time is short, can meet the requirements of anti-rust between processes. Process anti-rust treatment has passivation anti-rust, phosphating anti-rust, dehydration anti-rust oil, etc., is due to different process requirements and different. Anti-rust treatment is mainly oily anti-rust. Because anti-rust grease is not easy to evaporate, so it has a longer anti-rust time.

The internal structure and advantages of the filter housing that you do not know

Power filters are generally designed to be passive filters consisting only of resistors, capacitors and inductors, and there are no active components such as transistors. The right image is an example of a power filter, the power filter above the power supply, the power supply side has a common-mode inductance, that is, the power supply of two lines in the same direction around the core, the power cord if there is a common-mode signal, its common-mode inductance generated by the magnetic field will be added, so there is a greater impedance The magnetic field generated by the differential mode signal in the common-mode inductance offsets each other, so it can flow through the common-mode inductance. Advantages of the module Power Shell: Maintain the phone to prevent the hard object from scratching on the phone screen or fuselage. Silicone sleeve has anti-skid effect; strengthen mobile phone application life. Mobile phone maintenance sleeve can be printed on a variety of colors, there is the role of beauty! also has the function of strengthening the signal, some mobile phone shell and metal contact after the formation of a magnetic field to disturb the mobile phone signal, to the mobile phone wearing insulated mobile phone cover, can strengthen the signal silicone sleeve can avoid long nails and key contact scraping, grinding, It has the function of maintaining screens and keys.

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