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What is the cutoff frequency of the filter housing

What is the cutoff frequency of the filter housing?

The lower the cutoff frequency of the filter, the larger the size of the filter, the higher the price, so there is no need (when the frequency of interference is not very low), do not blindly choose the cutoff frequency is too low filter. The frequency point where the insertion loss of the filter is greater than 3dB is called the cutoff frequency of the filter, and when the frequency exceeds the cutoff frequency, the filter enters the band, and in the resistance zone, the jamming signal will be greatly attenuated. Depending on the situation in which the filter is used (signal cable filtering or power cord filtering), two methods can be used to determine the cutoff frequency of the filter. When filtering the signal cable, it is determined according to the bandwidth of the effective signal that the cutoff frequency is greater than the bandwidth of the signal, so as to ensure that the useful signal is not attenuated. In the power cord or DC signal line, filtering, because the frequency of the effective signal is very low, the problem of signal distortion is not the main factor, so it is mainly based on the frequency of the jamming signal, so that the interference frequency all fall in the filter resistance zone.

Do you understand the classification of analog filters?

There are many kinds of filter classification, the filter is divided into analog filter and discrete filter should be classified according to the type of processing signal. The analog filter can be divided into three categories of active, passive and heterogeneous. The main classification and main function of analog filter. Any device capable of signal processing can be called a filter. In modern telecom equipment and all kinds of control systems, the filter is widely used, in all electronic components, the use of many, technical complexity to calculate the filter. The advantages and disadvantages of the filter directly determine the advantages and disadvantages of the product, so the research and production of the filter has always been paid attention to by all countries. Our company specializes in supplying stamping hardware parts,Pull deep pieces, metal parts, etc., Welcome to buy.


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