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Commonly used metal stamping parts mold by which parts of the composition

What kinds of parts are the stamping dies commonly used in the daily stamping production?

Commonly used stamping molds consist of process parts and auxiliary parts:

First, the process parts.

In the die operation and the rough touch of the parts called process parts, divided into the following three categories 1) Work parts directly force the blank separation or deformation of the parts such as convex mold, concave mold, concave die and so on.

2) Locate the part that determines the correct position of the blank at the time of stamping. such as positioning pins, positioning plates, retaining pins, guide pins, guide plates, fixed-distance side blades, side presses and so on.

3) pressing, unloading and discharging parts such as crimping ring Press plate, discharge plate, ejection board, top pin, push plate, push (hit) rod, scrap cutter and so on.

Second, auxiliary parts.

In the die operation and the blank does not touch the parts called auxiliary parts, divided into the following three categories:

1) Guide parts to the Die guide direction, to ensure that the upper and lower die of the die correctly closed parts. such as guide sleeve, guide column, guide plate, guide block and so on.

3) Support and clamping parts will be the stamping parts together, the composition of the above, the next mold as a whole part, such as the upper and lower templates. The parts required for the pressure of the convex and die operation, such as pads, are supporting parts. The clamping part has a fixing plate and a die handle, etc.

3) Fastening parts and other screws, pins and special parts attached to the completion of a certain function of the die.

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