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Electrical Connector Accessories
Electrical Connector Accessories

Electrical Components Connector on the gold-plated: called the golden Finger, refers to by a large number of golden conductive contacts, because its surface gilded and conductive contacts arranged like fingers, so called "golden finger." The golden finger is actually on the copper cladding through a special process and then coated with a layer of gold, because gold is extremely antioxidant, and the conductivity is also very strong. Only some of the accessory touchpoints of high-performance servers/workstations will continue to be gilded, which is naturally expensive. Gold-plated layer appearance is golden, with high chemical stability, gold-plated layer ductility, easy polishing, high temperature resistance, with good anti-discoloration performance. Gold plating has a low contact resistance, good electrical conductivity, easy to weld, strong corrosion resistance, and has a certain wear resistance (refers to hard gold), so in precision instrumentation, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, tubes, electrical contacts and other aspects have a wide range of applications. Our company specializes in supplyingMetal Housing, wave filter shell, etc., Welcome to buy.

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